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Hamish the Plumber

Small Plumbing Repairs
in Exeter and within a 10 mile radius.
1st hour £50 (minimum), then £30 per hour
for Mon-Fri 8 am - 6 pm
My Services
I specialise in small plumbing repairs, including:

Washing machine plumbing

For detailed guidance on each of these, please see my Pricing Guide.

For bigger jobs, bathroom fitting, boiler installations or jobs involving gas, please try my friend Paul Kent on 07522 998989. He’s a local plumber like myself, but tends to focus on bigger jobs.
My Commitments
I seek to provide a service that is, demonstrates, or includes:

Good communication
Reasonably priced
Quality of work and parts fitted
Personal Service
Guaranteed and Insured

Do I live up to these? Find out by reading my reviews
My next availability - Monday 7 September
I’m afraid I am busy at the moment. Meanwhile, here’s a list of some of my best local competitors who you could try:

Paul Kent, 07522 998989 - Specialises in boiler installation, but does all types of plumbing, including bathroom installation

Andy Humphries, 07770 306096 - ‘The Gasman’, specialises in boiler breakdowns and servicing

Gary Lord, 07976 519494 - General plumber

Gary Taylor,
07956 578244 - General plumber

Nigel Wyatt, 07877 110678 - General plumber

Paul Kane, 07811 975399 - Gas safe plumber and boiler breakdown specialist
Recommended Local Plumbers
Plumbing Qualifications
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Probably the UK’s best-reviewed plumber
Hamish the Plumber, 14 Juniper Close, Exeter, EX4 9JT
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