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Probably the UK’s best-reviewed plumber

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Hamish the Plumber
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Small Plumbing Repairs & Emergencies
in Exeter and within a 10 mile radius.
Apologies, but I am working on a personal campaign at the moment and am temporarily not taking plumbing bookings. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a plumber, please click the header below entitled 'Recommended Local Plumbers & Trades'. If you need to contact me about anything at the moment, please see my contact page and send me a text or email, or call and leave a voicemail. For any price enquiries, please see my pricing page.

I expect to be plumbing again in November. In case you are curious about my campaign, please visit my campaign website The people of Yemen, where I lived for 14 years, are on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe and millions of children face famine in the months ahead, a situation which our government's foreign policy is exacerbating.
Mon-Fri, 8am to 6pm
1st hour £50 (minimum charge), then £10 per 1/4 hour
Evenings, Weekends & Holidays
1st hour £75 (minimum charge), then £15 per 1/4 hour
Availability is quite limited, but please call.
How I Work
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I often hear it said, “You can’t find a plumber to do the small jobs”, or “You can’t find a plumber when you need one”.

I try to fill these two needs of small jobs and availability without too long a wait.

I especially fix toilets and taps, but also deal with shower problems, leaks, blockages and the like. Not being a gas plumber, I don’t do boilers, but I am happy to deal with radiator issues.

I charge according to my published hourly rate, so you pay for how long the job actually takes. According to my reviews, many people are impressed by how efficiently I work and how reasonable my rates are. For detailed price guidance, please see my pricing page.
Mon-Fri, 8am to 6pm
Rate: During normal hours, I don’t charge extra for a same day response when I am able to make it. So it’s just £50 for up to an hour, then £10 per 1/4 hour.

Availability: I only take a limited number of forward bookings per day, and can often fit in an extra small emergency if jobs are going smoothly. So please call.
Evenings, Weekends & Holidays
Rate: 1st hour £75 (minimum charge) then £15 per 1/4 hour (i.e. 'time and a half' compared to my normal rate).

Availability: Quite limited, but please call.

Please note that I am not a gas plumber or boiler breakdown specialist.

If I’m not available, or for gas / boiler related emergencies, please see my list of ‘Recommended Local Plumbers’ further down this page.

Price Comparison: For most emergency plumbing hotlines, the going rate is about £90 per hour flat rate (or more) and then they hit you with a full second hour if the job goes just a few minutes over the hour. My first hour is about £15 less than the going rate. I also try to be reasonable about extra time by then reducing my rate (to £60 per hour) and by charging in quarter hour increments rather than full hours.
When I am not available, or if you need something other than a small plumbing repair, please click the drop-down list below:
Recommended Local Plumbers & Trades

Paul Kent, 07522 998989 - Gas safe, specialises in boiler installation, but does all types of plumbing, including bathroom installation. Doesn’t do tiling himself, but has someone he uses for tiling.

Paul Kane, 07811 975399 - Gas safe, specialises in boiler breakdowns and servicing

Andy Humphries, 07770 306096 - Gas safe, specialises in boiler breakdowns and servicing

Nigel Wyatt, 07877 110678 - General plumber

Chris Robson, 07890 001457 - Specialist in bathroom refurbishment

Paul Hill, 07967 015778 - Complete bathroom and kitchen fitting, including tiling

Gary Lord, 07976 519494 - General plumber

Gary Taylor, 07956 578244 - General plumber

Dyno-Rod Drains, 01392 461043 - Drain specialists - I don’t know them personally, but if you have a serious drain problem expect them to have specialist drain-unblocking equipment beyond what a normal plumber usually has. Having said that, I am fairly well equipped for drains myself, and I recently unblocked drains at a property where Dyno-Rod had given up and told the customer to call a plumber! However I don't have a camera for doing a 'drainoscopy'.

Although I do offer out-of-hours emergency plumbing, as a sole trader, my availability is limited. If you have an emergency and neither me nor any of the above are available, try searching for ‘plumbers exeter’ on Google Maps and work your way down the list. The advantage of using Google Maps, as opposed to the main Google page, is that the plumbers listed should be genuine local plumbers, and not national firms pretending to be local with 01392 virtual phone numbers.

In a real emergency, if you really can’t find a local plumber you may just have to try your luck with one of the emergency plumbing hotlines. By definition, they should be able to get you someone within 1-2 hours, 24 / 7, but expect to pay as much as £100 per hour during normal hours, and more for out-of-hours. With these kind of hotlines, if the job lasts 1 hour and 5 minutes, they will probably charge you for 2 hours. These firms spend so much on advertising that they make little profit on one hour jobs. Their real profit comes from the 2nd hour and beyond, so don’t necessarily expect the plumber to work very speedily. But they may be better than having your house flooded. Here are some as listed in Thomson Directory:
Emergency Response, 1 hour service, 01392 308499
24 hour service hotline 0800 046 3510
24 hour service, 1-2 hr response 01392 797418
PlumberInExeter 01392 797412
Drains24seven, 1 hour response, 0800 130 3524

Alistair Taylor (AJT Carpentry), 07917 717089

Gareth Symons, 07931 558571

Andrew Baker, 07554 951915 - Internal and External decorating

John, 07932 239044

My Services
I specialise in small plumbing repairs, including:

Washing machine plumbing

For detailed guidance on each of these, please see my Pricing Guide.

For bigger jobs, bathroom fitting, boiler installations or jobs involving gas, please see my drop-down list of ‘Recommended Local Plumbers’ above.
My Commitments
I seek to provide a service that includes:

Good communication
Reasonable pricing
Quality of work and parts fitted
Personal Service

Do I live up to these? Find out by reading my reviews
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My Plumbing Qualifications
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6129 Plumbing Level 2
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NVQ Plumbing Level 2
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Water Regulations 1999 (WRAS)
I do general plumbing, but not gas.
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    Hamish wins GOLD - Best Sole Trader in UK Building & Construction sector

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    “The firm’s dedication and friendly, customer focused approach was what brought them to the attention of our awards team”

For more information, please visit my Awards Page

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Hamish the Plumber, 14 Juniper Close, Exeter, EX4 9JT
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